D’ARGENTA’s products have been exported to more than 30 countries throughout the world and were honored, in 1981, with the coveted Bulgarian Government Gold Medal award. In 1992, a sculpture made by D’ARGENTA was bequeathed to His Royal Highness Prince Naruhito of Japan during his visit to Mexico. Other dignitaries such as Pope John Paul II, Prince Phillip of England and his Majesty King Harald of Norway have also received D’ARGENTA sculptures.

D’ARGENTA has traditionally been present at the biannual International Fair in Frankfurt, Germany. A D’ARGENTA’s sculpture was chosen to grace the cover of the Fair’s magazine in its August 1992 issue.

D’ARGENTA’s facilities include a workshop, a Quality Control Laboratory and offices, which employ eighty-six highly Skilled artisans, two full-time production engineers, one chemist and a very dedicated administrative support staff of sixteen employees.



For centuries, the art of creating sculptures in precious metals involved the traditional process of hot casting. D’Argenta initiated a technological advancement 32 years ago.

D’Argenta’s artisans developed a new method. Through a combination of cold casting and electroforming, the sculptures are initially plated with a .015 inch thick (400 micras) layer of copper and then silver or gold (24K) plated at a thickness of .001 of an inch (24 micras). Inside, they have a polyester and fiber glass core to reinforce the metal cover.

Finally, all pieces are protected with a very resistant lacquer to prevent tarnishing and are not to be polished with any metal cleaner. Just dust them with a soft cloth.