We are proud to be part of the amazing project “Las Diosas de Plata”.

We are more than proud to take part in the 47th Diosas de Plata, where PECIME recognizes the most outstanding work within Mexican Cinema exhibited during 2017.

This year’s statuettes were made by our artisans; who have more than forty years of experience elaborating art pieces in precious metals. The figures fabrication requires an exhaustive and detailed process, given that each piece is meticulously inspected to guarantee that the Diosas de Plata turn out perfect for the long-awaited ceremony.

The stylized statuette is made of bronze with a silver-plating, and covered with a specialized varnish to maintain the figure’s shine and protect it from damage over time. This piece of art is a creation of the prestigious artist Federico Canessi (1906 – 1977), who made it especially for PECIME.

The Diosas de Plata accounts for many symbols within Aztec mythology; representing many deities such as the God of Creation, Fertility, of the Arts, Wisdom, and the God of Perseverance. Hence the elements that it’s made up of: the spike, the turtle on which the effigy sits, the serpent, and the feather headdress.

The following video by the PECIME shows the Diosas de Plata’s detailed fabrication process for the first time, same with which the association’s party is initiated to celebrate the 47th ceremony of this prestigious award dedicated to Mexican Cinema.