We are very excited because… DALILIPS are here!!

On the last week of May, we launched DALILIPS through our new brand D’Argenta Studio, not only in silver, but in pure copper, gold and the new resin finishes in color red, white and black.

The origins of this piece goes back to 1936, when Dalí designed a sofa taking the shape of lips under commission from the english patron Edward James, taking as a basis his collage Mae West’s face which may be used as a surrealist aparatment (1934-35). Later, in 1973, Dalí made a new version of it for the Mae West room of the Dalí Theatre-Museum, with the collaboration of the architect Óscar Tusquets.

This is a mini sculpture of the original sofa, ment to transform any space into an artistic corner and it is an honor to be able to work with his masterpieces and share them around the world.