Welcome to the Family, D’Argenta Studio is here!

Today is a very special day for D’Argenta, as we welcome a new family brand: D’Argenta Studio.

D’Argenta Studio was born with the purpose of exploring new targets through fresh ideas, and to take a closer approach to the design world. Thanks to our artisans’ expertise, and their collaboration with international artists and designers, we are able to transform our experience into elegant and world-known pieces.

Up until today, we are proud to present two collections:

Tzompantli: From the nahuatl “tzontli” which means skull, and “pantli” which means row. Thus, we can understand the collection as a “Row of skulls.”

UFO design by the Italian Designer Attanasio Mazzone


Pedro Ramírez Vázquez was deeply inspired by the Mesoamerican culture, on which he made his personal interpretation to dazzle us with this piece in resin; made possible by the hands of our artisans.

It’s an honor to be able to work with his masterpieces and share his work around the world.


This collection emerged from Attanasio Mazzone’s fascination for the undefined, the unknown, that which we cannot understand or explain, and from the need to explore who we are and where we come from. UFO’s design was the medium through which he was able to root those thoughts and turn them into tangible ideas.

This multifunctional collection can play and evolve from a decorative object to a utilitarian one, meeting different needs.

The piece’s shape and personality let the piece adapt and work in any kind of environment, at the same time as it makes you feel that which you would feel in a UFO encounter; making it a piece that will never go unnoticed.