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Fei cried Small Zhuang, you calm down.She did not die I Implementing Cisco Network Security stood up and shouted, a small shadow will not die Small shadow and small Zhuang together Small shadow will not die I did not die she would not die I shouted so much that no one dared to persuade me. I would like to laugh, the non talking sergeant has said We re big He did not think he was going to change his name quickly.He did not drink alcohol. Then I saw the sky dark down.On this day, I am even longer than a century.Can not remember how long, I slowly sit up.At that time Cisco 210-260 Study Material the sky was all dark, surrounded by not reaching for nothing, but also a terrible darkness. I quietly creeping Cisco 210-260 Study Material on the mountain ridge, overlooking the entire valley.The rise of the smoke of pop up sounds of nature is also boundless, and the U. Another non commissioned officer fell asleep with me, and he snored too, but did not have a son who was so loud. So I enrolled in the army.People in the Ministry of Armed Forces looked shocked at my resume, but my school also supports it. In a word, it is the on the spot commentary on the idiom of Jin Ge Tie Ma.I was looking down the entire convoy above the helicopter, we are very excited. But the next step Two roads.First, job change.However, the group is moving to calculate a ball in the place ah Where do you want local units ah Reliable and Professional Cisco 210-260 Study Material Special brigade to change jobs a little better, public security, security, these related units also like to, but you go to the county level is how to resettle you Bureaucrats of a city level bureaucracy is no more than a county level level You go to the political commissar Nonsense thing Can mix a good level, really not necessarily willing to give you ah People also have their own people Are you willing to come Say if you really work as below, your heart can be balanced You boil for so many years ah What is your seniority in the army Not waste paper Second, the promotion of assistant division, plus a peas. Absolutely clinical too much.After it down This is the most basic and basic subjects, right It was after a brother that his head fell on a small stone and hung up at that time. Xiaoying You Yue turn the TV do ah I have not explained why the television has moved to the squadron department mouth a bunch 210-260 of soldier crashed into the ground bed sat a large ah Move the paperwork Provide New Cisco 210-260 Study Material over the table that our squadron broke CCNA Security 210-260 the peony on the table and quickly plug in the power 210-260 Study Material transfer console ah I saw the news a bunch of old man meeting old lady ah. Because Asians are naturally lean, physical training is greatly enhanced but lean is Cisco 210-260 Study Material also an advantage, and later I know that foreigners special forces brothers, Stout looks good, but really training with you to break because The physical load is also great, not only in the cross country climbing skills of these subjects does not work, but also because of the high stature, the reaction of the arms and legs of the body when the hammer half a beat slow, I kicked a vacated side of their neck when their arms Cisco 210-260 Study Material Nor did they stop me, they were not easy to catch me, because I am thin and flexible As for how the battlefield, my experience is 210-260 Study Material that people are big and big, holding a laser simulator Cisco 210-260 Study Material gun directed at that place While a fierce hug generally can not run there Cisco 210-260 Study Material to smoke how to put out the burden after that talk about later.

And I must see my platoon leader as soon as possible.The friend of Cisco 210-260 Study Material that city, on the day of that year, was walking right down the street where I passed, without noticing that there was a dark, skinny little soldier who was wearing her trousers and running barefoot. I know this one is really hurting you.I know this time it is really possible to lose you again. Big black face I can only call him a big black face, because I did not know how to call him he looked at my eyes, the tone became serious that is, mature, mature people will not mind their own Out of the tray, if you think he would only scold Ma La a Pakistani child is wrongly wrong he slowly said that the words shouted Since the formation of our own special forces unit, you are the first soldier Identity Cisco 210-260 Study Material to be trained and pass the full assessment of the qualifications to get the team But you are the first to pass the assessment, the voluntary Useful Cisco 210-260 Study Material release Cisco 210-260 Study Material of special brigade team members qualifications This tone and tone, definitely not the one with me to travel The feeling of the big black face of the mountain playing with water, but it is a Jagged Colonel who is adept at telling a microphone without a microphone in front of a green square A master of the Jagged troops really Jagged I am afraid to speak, in front of him I can not bird, all the people in our brigade are not birds. My and my Sisters are for that comrades, I do not want him finally a real accident, then we will be guilty of a lifetime. I hold on to my patience I try to think of some good things My thoughts have been wandering outside Cisco 210-260 Study Material For example I think my little shadow Her smile Her little hands Her fragrance Her eloquent I think she s everything. Field Army Army soldiers, you say they are too fool Ye Hao, they will not abandon you on them is not good, do not believe it When you Cisco 210-260 Study Material really have a crisis, as long as these dark skinned boys in the presence, which of them will not Provide New Cisco 210-260 Study Material help you Is the life saving, nor will it not help you, even a minute before you have just had 210-260 Study Material a glimpse of him, or even insult, they also do not say anything, take your life in exchange for your peace. That man wah Prepare for the Cisco 210-260 Study Material wah cry A man, a mid aged man crying crap you know how shocked I am I was 18 years old, I do not know what happened What happened to this senior ah Implementing Cisco Network Security You are not What team s tears have come down, You are my best soldier You are my strongest warrior You are my fucking cruel brother You come down, I give You testify I see which Ma pull a Pakistani child dare to bully you I put this factory to him demolished Late The man cried and shouted, I killed people, even bully my wife that factory CCNA Security 210-260 Long, there is a go with him, 4, I also killed the police I have no way out What team rush, really anxious I fuck his grandmother Why do I like this Why 100% Pass Rate Cisco 210-260 Study Material did he violate the rules of the party discipline and state What is wrong with him, what are you sorry for your dog days He bleed for you For your sufferings Warriors Why He shouted, but do not know who scolded. The most elitist is these young and even grassroots cadres.Needless to say, their military qualities, Army courageous fighting spirit and so on are absolutely first class. Oh, I actually especially want to write this story, because I really miss that time. Except for those old 210-260 birds and later not many military officers and veteran officers, there were few who fell in the bullseye. Should not that be said I am afraid to forget now What exercises are afraid to forget this, because all kinds of lessons are too profound. Have not figured out any way, I heard someone shouted on the 15th Come, the result came out Is a female nurse, crisp voice, but domineering, a little finger pointing.

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