Enrique Jolly

Mexican Sculptor

Enrique was born in Acambaro, on April 18, 1932. He passed away in the year 2000.

At an early age, he started showing a keen interest in working with clay and other such materials.

In 1984 and 1995, Enrique won awadrs for his sculptures in the annual exhibitions sponsored by the Mexican-American Institute for the cultural relations. He has worked with maestro Don Luis Albarran y Pliego, one of the most prominent exponents of Animalism in Latin America and an expert in foundry, and with Don Angel Tarrac, a spaniard, expert portraitist and sculptor.

Enrique Jolly, has exhibited his works in the most important cities in Mexico and also abroad. He has been a teacher of Anatomy and Art the “Escuela Libre de Arte y Publicidad”, and at the “Academy Sore”. For ten years he was a teacher at the school of formal Design of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, firstly imparting a class in molds and materials, secondly, in desing. He has also tought several seminars on sculpture because og his familiarity with region of the napo river in Ecuador and with the Amazon River, Enrique was invited by vital alsar, a well-known expeditionary and writer, to participate, in 1977, in the “Francisco Orellana” expeditions. The busts of Francisco Orellana used as figureheads of the three galleons used in that expedition were created by Jolly.

He was also responsible for the ornamental nameplate of each of the vessels.

Enrique Jolly was subsequently invited to a similar expedition which took place in 1978, and in which he himself was named captain of the participating ships, the “Ana de Ayala”. This expedition, named “El Hombre y la Mar”, or “Man and the sea”, ran from Tampico, Mexico, to Santander, Spain. It was sponsored by both Jose Lopez Portillo president of Mexico, and king Juan Carlos, of Spain.

A third expedition, in 1982, also requiered talent of Jolly, who this time, created several sculptures to be placed on a ship.

On the occasion on the 500 th Anniversary of thr Discovery of the American Continent, several works were commissioned from Enrique Jolly to be placed on the “Marigalante, S.M.” a 15th Century replica of Columbus “Santa Maria”. Among them were two bronze figures of poseidon and another bronze sculpture titled “Universal Man” which was temporarily exhibited in the main cabin, and which portrays the brotherhood and peace brought about by human beings through their love of nature and the sea.

The mermaid is now displayed permanently in the open-air museum “Man and the Sea”, in Magdalena Park, Santander, Spain. A copy of the mermaid will son be placed in the port which saw the birth of the “Marigalante, S.M.” namely, Alvarado, Veracruz.

1975-80 Pace Galleries, Houston, Tex. U.S.A.

Permanent Exhibition.

1975 Takes part in auction yearly, organized by ose Committee Pro Child.

1976 Ducks unlimited int. Hotel Camino Real, Mexico, D.F.

1977 Museum Tlatilco, Nauc. Edo. de Mexico 6th.

International big game Hunter´s & Fishermen´s Conference, San Antonio, Tex. Municipal Presidency Cuautitlan Izcalli, Edo. de Mex.

1978 Auction Banamex Palacio de Iturbide, Mexico, D.F. Glasser Galleries, San Antonio Texas, U.S.A.

1980 Museum “The Man and the Ocean”, Santander, Spain, permanent exhibition.

1981 Sample Banamex of Sculpture, Mexico, D.F.

1982 Hall of art 7 Mansion souvenir, Aguascalientes, Ags.

1983 Gallery Aranjuez, Mexico, D.F. Gallery 2000, Mexico, D.F.

1984 Art Expo, New York, N.Y. USA. Art Investor´s Gallery, Dallas, Texas, USA. permanent exhibition.

1985 Art Expo, Dallas, Texas, USA.

Art Expo, Los Angeles, Cal. USA.

1986 “Euthenics”, Austin, Texas, USA. (Exclusive Expo)

1986 Art Museum, Acambaro, Gto. Mexico

1987 Gallery Aura, Mexico, D.F.

Hotel Maria Isabel Mexico, D.F.

House of Culture, Veracruz, Ver.

Art Gallery Misrachi, Mexico, D.F. (Permanent Expo)


1954 1 Prize Exp. Scout, Mexico, D.F.

1963 1 Prize: Is part of group which wins the contest of Murals and Relieves of the PRI, Mexico, D.F.


– Monuments of Ruiz Cortinez, Los Pinos, D.F.

– Portraits of Personalities in ampl. Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico, D.F.

– Monuments, Shool of Accountants, Mexico, D.F.

– Several figures in private collections in 15 countries.

– Monument “Marigalante, Museum the Man and the Sea