Frida Kahlo

Mexican Artist

Frida Kahlo was born on January 6, 1907 in Mexico City in the famed Casa Azul.

As a kid she got poliomyelitis, causing her right leg to grow shorter than her left one; that made her a victim of shaming and bullying, however, that never stopped her from being a very restless and tenacious student of the Escuela Nacional Preparatoria.

At age 18, Frida suffered a very traumatic and tragic accident, which submitted her to bed rest for a long period of time. This forced sedentarism made her discover her passion for painting and was what that led her to opening the doors to the art world, where she met and acquainted Tina Modotti and Diego Rivera, whom she married and kept a relationship with that was as passionate as it was tormentous.

In spite of not enjoying good health and having to sumbit to a number of operations, Frida was a remarkably active artist and activist, taking part of the Communist Party and being a loyal supporter of left-wing politics. 

She was also a teacher in the National School of Arts and Sculpture “Esmeralda”, where she reflected –as well as in her daily life- her strong need to recover the roots of Mexican popular art.

The artist assured that as opposed to surrealism, she was keen of painting not her dreams, but her reality.

Frida Kahlo died in Casa Azul in Mexico City the 13th of july in 1954.

Among her most famous paintings there are “Las dos Fridas”, “Viva la vida”, “Unos cuantos piquetitos”, “La columna rota” and “Diego en mi pensamiento”.