Javier Arenas Pérez

Mexican Sculptor

He was born in Mexico City, December 3rd 1960.
Professional Studies
  • National School of Plastic Arts, San Carlos.
  • School of Fine Arts, Painting, Sculpturing and Engraving. La Esmeralda. Professional Activity


1987 Sculpture for the Government of Chiapas (Bronze Figure of a Mexican Charro).

1987 Bronze and acrylic pieces for Cia. Mexicana de Aviacion.

1987 Religious pieces for the Religious order of thr Holy Cross of Jesus.

1987 Bronze sculptures for Arq. Manuel Macias, artistic promoter.

1987 Acrylic pieces for Sto. Thomas Wine Co. and Calinda Hotels.

1987 Bronze pieces made for Transportes Maritimos Mexicanos.

1988 Pieces made for Hilti Mexicana, S.A.

1988 Several sculptoric pieces made for D´Argenta International, S.A. during this year.

1990 Specialized Cultural Center elements manufacture and handicrafts.

1990 Mexican handicrafts “El Arriero”.

1990 Tlalocan handicrafts (Teotihuacan).

1991 International handicrafts (Teotihuacan).

1991 Handicrafts “Teotihuacan”.

1991 Manufacture of “Eximlat” pieces.

1991 General pieces made for “Publicidad Dei”.Elaboration of Designs and Publicity articles for the Cultural Division Paper Tower, A.C.

1995 Design elaboration of a display for the Company Unitec Distillers.

Collective Exhibitions.

1977 The greek world Auditorium of the College of Sciences and Humanities South Wing.

1979 Week of the creativity, Auditorium of the College of Sciencies and Humanities South Wing.

1983 The Mural “Caballos” (Horses) made for Co. Dipisa, Villahermosa, Tab.

1983 Taking part in the Mural of Francisco Muñoz, Mexico City.

1984 First Competition “Jeronimo Antonio Gil” Gallery ENAP, Xochimilco, Mexico City.

1985 Collective sample of workshop. Gallery ENAP, Xochimilco, Mexico City.

1985 Triennial of Sculpturing, Gallery of the National Auditorium, Mexico City.

1986 Young Art House of Culture in Aguascalientes, Ags.

1986 Exhibition young Art. Gallery National Auditorium, Mexico City.

1988 Collective exhibition. Golf Club Hacienda Valle Escondido, Edo. de Mexico.

1988 Collective exhibition of painting, Doctor Arl.

1988 Collective Exhibition “9 Propositions to one Purpose: Create”, Gallery Sileca.

1988 Triennial of Sculpturing. Gallery of the National Auditorium.

1988 Selection exhibition of the Triennial of Sculpture in Palace of Fine Arts. Mexico City

1988 Collective exhibition of Christmas, Gallery of Dr. Arl.

1989 Exhibition of Modern Art, Gallery Crown Plaza.

1989 Collective exhibition, friendly hand, Gallery Sileca.

1989 Interview by Televisa at the exhibition of Modern Art. Crown Plaza for the program Gaceta Cultural and Video Cosmos.

1992 Collective exposition, Mexican Mythology 500 years.

Union of two cultures “Geography and Statistics”.

1992 Individual Exposition, plastic work realized at the 39 PRI District Committee.

1993 Collective exposition, 2San Angel Cultural Center” named 100 artists against aids.

1993 Imevision program, with Ma. Victoria Llamas regarding the Exposition of 100 Artists Against Aids.

1993 Collective Exposition at the Sor Juana Cloister, Historical Midrown Center.

1994 Sculptors exposition relative to Mexican Defunct´s day at the Paper Tower, A.C. installations.Other Participations

1985 Mexican sculptors. Book Published by Lili Kahlen, Mexico City.Course of personal improvement and executive profile. Hotel del Valle de Mexico, Mexico City.

Interview by Marcela Ortiz of the Culture Section of the Newspaper Heraldo de Mexico.


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