D’Argenta was born in México in 1974, product of Ernesto and Sima Abraham’s dream. In their vision, they had the urge to share with the world the hidden art behind the beauty and skill of Mexican sculpture.

Such was their need to do so, that they traveled to New York City to introduce their first piece, created with their own hands. As soon as they got out of the car, a group of passersby gathered around them in awe of their piece’s beauty.

And that’s how more than forty years have gone by, in which three generations have united to keep captivating the world through innovation and design.

D’Argenta’s products have been exported to more than 30 countries throughout the world and were honored, in 1981, with the coveted Bulgarian Government Gold Medal award. In 1992, a sculpture made by D’Argenta was bequeathed to His Royal Highness Prince Naruhito of Japan during his visit to Mexico. Other dignitaries such as Pope John Paul II, Prince Phillip of England and his Majesty King Harald of Norway have also received D’Argenta sculptures.

D’Argenta has traditionally been present at the biannual International Fair in Frankfurt, Germany. One of our sculptures was chosen to grace the cover of the Fair’s magazine in its August 1992 issue.

This year, 2018, D’Argenta Studio was born with the aim of exploring new ideas and markets, and to get closer to the world of design. Thanks to all the expertise of our artisans, whom together with designers and artists from all over the world, transform our experience into world-renowned unique elegant pieces.


Artists & Designers

In D’Argenta we collaborate with Sima Abraham, founder of the company, Pedro Ramírez Vázquez, Ricardo del Río, Eduardo Buenrostro, Martín Mendoza, Javier Arenas, Claudio Rodríguez, Oshra, Federico Cardona, Manuel Alvarado, and Enrique Jolly among others.

Our best collections have emerged from their hands, ranging from the most beautiful animals to the surreal world of Salvador Dalí and Frida Kahlo.


For centuries, the art of sculpting in precious metals involved the process of traditional high-temperature melting. D’Argenta developed a technological improvement in hand with our artisans, who innovated the method.

Through a combination of melting at high temperatures and electroforming, sculptures are initially covered with a copper layer .015mm thick, then they are silver or gold plated (24K) 0.001mm thick (24 microns). Inside, they are made up of a polyester core and fiberglass to reinforce the metal cover. Lastly, all pieces are protected with a high-resistant lacquer to avoid tarnishing.