Raquel Steiner.

Mexican Sculptor

Raquel Steiner was born in Mexico City on March 27th, 1963.

She studied primary, highschool and bachelor at the Hamilton College. Four semesters of Graphic Design at The Anahuac University.

At the age of thirteen she began her drawing and painting studies with teachers Beatriz Flores, Robin Bond,Eleodoro Hernandez and Martha Orozco working on several techniques, such as pastel, acrylic, oil and watercolor.

In 1986 she began her sculpture studies with the sculptors Rebeca Camhi and Tere Memun.

Simultaneously she participates in six sculpture seminars imparted by Master Enrique Jolly.

In 1989 together with sculptor Diana Shimanovich she obtains the first place for the elaboration of aMonumental sculpture (2.00x 3.00 mts) requested by the Wizo Organization in Mexico, with which they commemorated 50 years of the Institution in Mexico.

Actually she works in Enrique Jolly’s sculpture workshop and in the ceramics workshop of sculptor Elisa Agami.

Individual Exhibits:

1994 Nadia Montefiore Gallery.

1996 Pedro Guerson Gallery. Collective Exhibits.

1988 Pedro Guerson Gallery.

1989 Art Borders Gallery, Miami , Florida.

1992 The Mexican Judaic Woman in Art.

1993 Park Gallery

1994 Bella Vista Golf Club

1994 Montserrat Gallery, New York.

1995 Park Gallery, Inauguration.

1996 Homage to Jose Luis Cuevas.

1995 Pedro Guerson Gallery.

1995 Las Lomas House

Awards and Acknowledgments.

1979 Monte Sinai Arts Youthful Festival, 1st place in drawing.

1980 Monte Sinai Arts Youthful Festival, 2nd. Place in painting.

1989 1st place and elaboration of “Roots” sculpture.

Public work:

“Roots” sculpture for the project “Life for the Life” for the WIZO México Association.

Artistic Activities.

1979-1981- 1986- 1987 Monte Sinai Arts Festival.

1985 Art Garden Israelite Sports Center

1990-1991-1994-1995 American College Art Fair.

1990 Queretaro American College Art Fair



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63.00 x 24.50 cm; 3.60 kg.

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